The odds are that no matter what market you’re trying to reach, at least ten percent can’t hear you. Whether they’re deaf/hard of hearing or just trying to watch your video on a laptop in a noisy airport, they need to get your message 100% visually.

You might think that reaching out to them is just “one more thing.” With your crowded schedule and limited budget, you may be overlooking this dynamic, loyal market.

Captioning is a cost effective, easy way to leverage the work you’re already doing. You’re creating great videos, webinars and other web-based training. You might be surprised by how easy and affordable it is to expand their reach with captioning.

Caption It Write brings a burgeoning, loyal and untapped market to your doorstep. Our captioning services make your products and services accessible to anyone who needs 100% visual communication.

Make your content accessible to as many people as possible. Whether you offer audio or video, live seminars, webinars or webcasting events, reach out now to tap the growing market of visual learners and the deaf/hard of hearing.

To learn more about this loyal, dynamic market, find out Why Closed Captioning?

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